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Investment-Related Complaint Resolution Process

The bank is committed to providing you with a high level of service. However there may be occasions when issues and disputes arise.

If you have an issue to raise or are dissatisfied with a particular service with our bank, there are 2 steps you can take:


Step One

Contact the bank by:

An independent unit of the bank (Customer Experience Management) will contact you directly to share the procedures / timeline for such complaint.

  • Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 business days upon receipt;
  • Your complaint will be investigated and you will be informed of the investigation status within 20 business days.  If more time is required, the Bank will keep you updated.
  • After investigation, an outcome will be sent to you.


Step Two

Upon completion of the Bank’s investigation and receipt of the Bank’s final decision, if you believe that we have not addressed your concerns satisfactorily, you may seek the assistance of FIDReC (Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd.) via the following channels:

  • FIDReC

36 Robinson Road
#15-01 City House
Singapore 068877


The jurisdiction of FIDReC in adjudicating disputes between banks and consumers is up to S$100,000. Please note that under FIDReC’s Terms of Reference, you should lodge your case with FIDReC within 6 months from the date of the final written reply from the Bank, failing which FIDReC will not be able to handle the case.

At present, FIDReC's services are available to all consumers who are individuals or sole-proprietors.

For more information on FIDReC, please refer to their website at