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MSpace at Maybank


Combining a café with modern banking services, MSpace at Maybank is created to cater to your personal banking needs right in the heart of Orchard Road

Banking solutions

  • Access a range of services with our dedicated app at MSpace at Maybank.
  • Browse through Maybank’s range of products, order a coffee or surf the web.
  • Set up an appointment with our qualified ambassadors to discuss personal or corporate financial matters.

Relaxing lounge

  • Maybank Premier and Private clients can conduct banking transactions in the comfort and privacy of our Private | Premier Lounge.

24-hour banking

  • Convenience of 24-hour self-help terminals right in the heart of Orchard Road.

Indulge in drinks

Enjoy the pleasure of drinks by our partner Mellower Coffee as you conduct your banking transactions.

  • Gold Rush Sparkling Mango - Mango fruit puree mixed with mint and added to sparkling water to create a refreshing and light beverage, perfect for Singapore’s warm climate.
  • Mellower May - An ice-blended beverage infused with local flavours (gula melaka) and espresso.
  • Mellower Sumatra - A specially crafted single-origin coffee only available at Maybank Private | Premier Lounge.