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1Campaign period is valid till 31 March 22. Loan must be applied for, approved and accepted within the campaign period

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NEWWhat is SORA?

SORA is the Singapore Overnight Rate Average, is the volume-weighted average rate of borrowing transactions in the unsecured overnight interbank SGD cash market in Singapore between 8am and 6.15pm. SORA has been published by MAS daily since 1 July 2005.

Financial products referencing SORA typically use an average of daily SORA readings over a period. This is in contrast to SIBOR based loans, which generally use only a single reading of SIBOR for each interest payment period.

3-Month (3M) Compounded SORA is calculated using the compounded methodology of daily SORA rate over historical 3-month period. Compounding over a period is a way to compute the average, while reflecting the economic costs of borrowing overnight over the specified period. The 3M Compounded SORA for a given business day in Singapore is published by 9am the next business day on the MAS website.

Given SIBOR’s impending discontinuation by 2024, SORA is the alternative interest rate benchmark option as it provides sustainability and transparency.

3-Month Compounded SORA Home Loan Package

Year 1

3M Compounded SORA + 0.90% p.a.

Year 2

3M Compounded SORA + 0.90% p.a.


3M Compounded SORA + 1.40% p.a.

Lock-in period

1 year

Rate refresh

Every 3 months

Partial prepayment during lock-in period

Flexibility to prepay up to 50% of the loan amount. T&Cs apply

Free Conversion

One-time free conversion after lock-in period


  • 3M Compounded SORA means the MAS Published 3M Compounded SORA published on a relevant day.
  • The applicable 3M Compounded SORA shall be that published on the day on which the drawdown occurs and applied through a 3-months period.
  • Above rates quoted are indicative and valid for completed residential properties in Singapore, for new purchase or refinancing from another financial institution.
  • Rates are subject to minimum loan size of S$300,000 and minimum loan tenure of 5 years.
  • Rates and benefits are subject to changes without prior notice.

How to apply

Home Loan Calculator

Getting a new home?

Use our Home Loan Calculator to work out how much you can borrow and monthly repayments that suit your budget.



  • The computation and results above are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a loan offer. Loans are granted at the discretion of the Bank.
  • The Bank makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the computation or results obtained herein, and will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions or for any losses arising from use of or reliance on the calculation herein.
  • Actual interest rates and calculations used may differ from those used for the figures computed above.
  • Please speak to our mortgage specialists for more information.
  • An ABS Guide on Home Loans is available and customers are encouraged to get a copy and read it before committing to a loan. This guide will also be available in the MoneySENSE and ABS websites in 4 official languages.

Fees & Charges


Refer and be rewarded with up to S$1,000 worth of shopping vouchers*!

Refer your family and friends to take up a residential or commercial property loan with us and be rewarded with up to S$1,000 worth of shopping vouchers*!


Loan Amount AcceptedReward
S$300,000 to < S$600,000 S$250 worth of shopping voucher(s)*
S$600,000 to < S$1,500,000 S$500 worth of shopping voucher(s)*
≥ S$1,500,000 S$1,000 worth of shopping voucher(s)*


Simply complete the Member-get-member programme form and email1 to

1By submitting this referral form to Maybank, you (Referrer) acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions for Maybank Property Loan Member-Get-Member Programme (as may be changed from time to time).

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Useful Information

Important Information

  • Maybank home loans are applicable to Singapore property financing in Singapore dollars only.
  • Maybank Fixed Rate and Floating Rate Home Loans are pegged to the home loan board rates known as Singapore Residential Financing Rate (SRFR), Singapore Residential Financing Rate 2 (SRFR2) or Fixed Deposit Mortgage Rate 36 (FDMR36). The SRFR, SRFR2 and FDMR36 may be revised by the Bank from time to time, with 30 days’ notice.
  • Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice. Banking Facilities Terms and Conditions apply.
  • A loan repayment schedule is available upon request.
  • You are encouraged to read the ABS Guide on Home Loans before committing to a loan. It is available in 4 languages.


Other Useful Information