Traceable & Transparent
cross-border transfers

With SWIFT Global Payments Initiative (gpi)

Maybank now provides you with traceable & transparent cross-border transfers via SWIFT gpi for key currencies such as USD, Euro, GBP and SGD^.

Track incoming and outgoing funds in real time using our Mobile/Online Banking or Business Internet Banking to know if the funds have been received and how much fees have been charged by the beneficiary and/or the agent banks.


  • End-to-end payment tracking
    Check the status of your incoming or outgoing funds at every stage for cross-border transfers in USD, Euro, GBP and SGD^ currencies.
  • Traceability
    Online real-time tracking of incoming* and outgoing funds made using Mobile/Online Banking and Business Internet Banking.
  • No hidden fees
    Fees and FX rates applied by beneficiary and intermediary banks are show in the various stages in total transparency


*Incoming overseas transfer tracked using UETR code (Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference)

^SGD tracking only available for RegionLink Online Funds Transfer to SWIFT GPI participating banks in Malaysia.

Outgoing Payments

1: Personal or Corporate user performs an overseas funds transfer using Mobile/Online Banking or Business Internet Banking to remit the funds and track real-time payment status

2: Intermediary Bank
(SWIFT gpi enabled)

3: Beneficiary Bank
(SWIFT gpi enabled)

4: Your corporate or personal payee receives the funds.

Incoming Payments

1: Your buyer/customer remit funds to your Maybank account and provides you a UETR code

2: Remitting Bank
(SWIFT gpi enabled)

3:Intermediary Bank
(SWIFT gpi enabled)

4: Real-time tracking of payment status using Maybank2u Mobile/Online Banking or Business Internet Banking by keying in the UETR code provided.


  • Telegraphic transfers must be made at Maybank Branches and/or using Maybank2u Mobile/Online Banking.
  • Only valid for USD, EURO, GBP and SGD remit currencies
  • Have a valid Maybank2u Mobile/Online banking or Business Internet Banking access.