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Get a leg up: Business grants and loans to know

Struggling to maintain consistent cash flow for your SME? Check out these grants and loans to ease your burden – and expand your business.

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Extended paternity leave: How to include employee wellbeing in your business plan?

Will your company implement the extended four-week paternity leave in 2024? Here is some food for thought on employee wellbeing and business needs.

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Harvesting the ASEAN demographic dividend

The coming years might just be ASEAN's golden age.

With a young and digitally savvy population, the bloc is poised to reap the benefits of its demographic dividend. But the region’s diversity will pose challenges - and opportunities.

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'Young seniors', how does the Majulah Package fit into your retirement plan?

The recently announced Majulah Package aims to support lower- and middle-income Singaporeans in their 50s and early 60s. What does it offer, and is it enough for your retirement needs?

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