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Receive and make payments with just a PayNow ID

Important Notice

Starting from 15 January 2024, a fee of S$0.50 and S$0.20 per transaction will be chargeable for PayNow (FAST) and PayNow (GIRO) respectively.”


Applicable for Malayan Banking Berhad, Singapore branch customers and/or Maybank2E users

For Maybank Singapore Limited customers and/or Maybank Business Internet Banking (BIB) users, click here.


How is PayNow useful to your business?

You can use PayNow to

  • Receive PayNow payments by providing your PayNow ID* to the payer; or
  • Make PayNow payments to other businesses/government agencies (B2B) or to individuals (B2C) by indicating their PayNow ID*.


* For businesses/government agencies, the PayNow ID is their Unique Entity Number (UEN) or UEN + suffix#.  For individuals, the PayNow ID is their NRIC/FIN or the mobile number.

# By adding a 3-character suffix to your UEN, you can create multiple PayNow IDs each of which can be tied to an account from the same or different bank.

Benefits of PayNow

PayNow simplifies the payment process by

  • Removing the need to remember account information (Bank SWIFT BIC and Account Number);
  • Reviewing the beneficiary nickname (for individuals) or registered name (for businesses) before confirming payments;
  • Supporting QR payments (PayNow QR & SGQR) which reduce the number of steps to make a payment and at the same time, facilitate the reconciliation process by specifying a non-editable payment reference.

Getting Started

The pre-requisites to start using PayNow are as follows:

Receiving PayNow Payments

Making PayNow Payments

  • A valid Unique Entity Number (UEN) and;
  • A SGD Current Account with Malayan Banking Berhad (Singapore Branch)
  • Access to Maybank2E
  • Registered for “Domestic Payments” services.


Receiving Payments with  your PayNow ID

To start receiving payments via PayNow, a one-time registration is required by linking your UEN to your SGD Current Account.

Registrations can be done via the following 2 modes:

Via Maybank2E

Via Form

Login to Maybank2E and select “PayNow ID Registration”* under Administration > PayNow Settings. Follow on-screen instructions to submit your PayNow registration online.

Once you see that the PayNow registration is successful, you can inform your customers to pay you using your PayNow ID.

* A one-time registration to PayNow Settings is required before PayNow registrations can be submitted online.

Download and complete the PayNow Registration Form. Scan the completed form and email to:*

Once you are notified that your PayNow registration is successful, you can inform your customers to pay you using your PayNow ID.

* Processing time is 5 days. We recommend that customers apply via Maybank2E for instant registration.

To simplify your collections, you can make use of a PayNow QR or a SGQR at your retail shop or even include it in your invoices. Your payer will be able to scan the QR code to initiate payment to you.


Receiving PayNow Payments with PayNow QR & SGQR

A PayNow QR contains relevant information (e.g. your PayNow ID, amount, reference) so that the payment can be successfully processed.

SGQR consolidates the various payment-related QR codes (e.g. PayNow, GrabPay, FavePay, Dash,…) that a business can accept into a single QR code label.

PayNow QR


For businesses with e-commerce store
For businesses with physical/retail stores or print invoices

For PayNow QR:
Click here to access our PayNow QR Code generator.

For SGQR Labels at stores:
Download and complete the SGQR Registration Form. Scan the completed form and email to:

Note: SGQR printing will take up to 10 business days.

For SGQR on invoices:
Please contact your Relationship Manager.


Making Payments with a PayNow ID

You can either submit a single PayNow payment instruction or upload a PayNow payment file via Maybank2E.

If you are not yet a Maybank2E customer or have yet to register for “Domestic Payments” services, please contact your Relationship Manager.

Existing Maybank2E customers can contact our Call Centre at +65-6720 3720 or for assistance.

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