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Got a question for us? Find out all the answers to your queries here.

Do I need a new set of username and password for M2U SG (Lite) app?

No, just use your existing mobile or online banking username and password to login.

What is the difference between M2U SG app and M2U SG (Lite) app?

M2U SG (Lite) app has enhanced features and dashboard to make banking more intuitive and easier for you. It also comes with cross-border services, goal simulation and online investment capabilities which are not available on M2U SG app.

Why do I need both apps?

We are currently working on bringing you more services on the M2U SG (Lite) app. In the near future, we will be discontinuing the M2U SG app so you can bank online seamlessly via a single app. For now, you are encouraged to keep both apps for optimal banking experience.

If I uninstall M2U SG app, will all my details be erased?

If you wish to delete the M2U SG app, your details and banking transactions will not be impacted.

What will happen to my existing payees if I switch to the M2U SG (Lite) app?

Your existing payees will not be affected. You can continue to view all your payees on the M2U SG (Lite) app.

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