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Send and receive money almost instantly in Singapore with just a mobile number or your NRIC/FIN or VPA.

PayNow with Maybank

Send and receive money easily and instantly with PayNow.

You can send up to S$200,000 to the recipient’s mobile number, NRIC/FIN, UEN, or the new PayNow ID Type, Virtual Payment Address (VPA)NEW

To receive money, simply register for PayNow by linking your NRIC or mobile number to your Maybank account. 


What's New
Maybank customers can now send money to a new PayNow ID Type, Virtual Payment Address (VPA),  in addition to the mobile number, NRIC/FIN and UEN that you are familiar with. 

With VPA, you can send money to mobile wallets like GrabPay, SingTel DASH and Liquid Pay.  All you need to do is to select VPA (Mobile) and the institution, enter recipient’s Mobile number and transfer amount. What more, you can personalise your message using the “Remarks” field. 



Send money via PayNow and stand to win 1 year’s worth of FREE groceries!

From now till 31 October 2022, be one of the top 40 customers with the most number of transactions to win up to S$500 cash. Plus, you might just be one of the 3 lucky winners to win 1 year’s supply of FREE groceries worth S$4,800! Start transacting on Maybank2u SG app, Maybank2u SG (Lite) app or Maybank2u Online Banking now.

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  • No need to exchange bank account numbers to send and receive money anymore.
  • Send money instantly with just your mobile number, NRIC/FIN, Unique Entity Number (UEN), or VPANEW of any recipient.
  • Transfer up to S$200,000 daily.
  • Use PayNow to pay for cash-on-delivery services, take-away food and paying bills remotely.
  • To receive money from anyone, just register your mobile number or NRIC using the steps below.

If you have previously registered your mobile number or NRIC/FIN with another bank, you will need to de-register it before registering with Maybank.

How To Receive Money

Option 1: SMS

SMS using your registered mobile number to 79899 in the format below:

PAYNOW<space>NRIC number<space>Last 6-digit of your Maybank account<space>BOTH

Replace BOTH with NRIC if you only wish to link your NRIC.
Replace BOTH with Mobile if you only wish to link your registered mobile number. 

For parents who wish to register your child for PayNow to receive funds for their allowance, from government agencies or companies, please ensure that there is a mobile number registered under your child’s YoungStarz account.

Register for PayNow with your child’s NRIC number via SMS:

SMS using your registered mobile number to 79899 in the format below:
PAYNOW<space>YOUR CHILD’S NRIC/BIRTH CERT. number<space>Last 6-digit of the Maybank account<space>NRIC


Option 2: Mobile App

Step 1:
Login to Maybank2u SG app. Select menu icon (in the top left corner) > SETTINGS > PAYNOW SETTINGS > Manage PayNow

Step 2:
Select a PayNow ID (NRIC or Mobile Number) to link your account to.

Step 3:
Enter your Nickname and select the account. Your Nickname will be shown to the sender as a form of verification.

Step 4:
Review and confirm your details.

DONE! You can now start receiving money with your mobile number.


Option 3: To Generate QR

Step 1:
Select "Scan & Pay" on your Maybank SG app.

Step 2:
Tap on "Generate QR" and log in with Quick Touch or Username and Password.

Step 3:
Share your QR code with your friends or family to receive payment.

How To Send Money

Option 1: Scan & Pay

Step 1:
Select "Scan & Pay" on your new Maybank SG app.

Step 2:
Scan the PayNow or SGQR code and log in with either Quick Touch or Username and Password. Payments above S$1,000 require security token for transaction signing purpose.

Step 3:
Enter payment amount.

Step 4:
Enter/edit remarks and review the payment details.

DONE! Your funds will be transferred almost instantly to your recipient. You may now choose to logout or scan and pay again.


Option 2: One-Time PayNow
(S$1,000 and below)

Step 1:
Select "PAYNOW" on your Maybank SG app and log in with Quick Touch or enter Username and Password.

Step 2:
Tap on the phonebook icon to select a mobile number from your contact list or enter a mobile number, UEN or VPA.

Step 3:
Enter the payment info. Remarks will be shown to the recipient.

Step 4:
Confirm the recipient's Nickname and payment details before submitting the request.

DONE! Your funds will be transferred almost instantly to your recipient. You may choose to logout or make another transfer.


Option 3: PayNow to My Payee
(or more than S$1,000)

Please prepare your security token as transaction signing is required for amounts above S$1,000

Step 1:
Login to Maybank2u SG app. Under “TRANSFER”, select “Transfer via PayNow”.

Step 2:
Select “PayNow to My Payee”.

Step 3:
Select one of your saved PayNow ID or add a new PayNow ID.

To add a new PayNow ID:
1. Select the PayNow ID type
2. Enter the Mobile Number, NRIC, UEN or VPA

Step 4:
Enter the amount you want to send.

Step 5:
You may choose to set a date for the transfer, add remarks and select a purpose for the transfer.

Step 6:
Check that all the details are correct then select “confirm”.

Step 7:
Press “SIGN” on your security token.

Step 8:
Enter the OTP (sent by SMS) into your security token.

Step 9:
The security token will generate another OTP, enter this new OTP unto the Maybank2u SG app.

Step 10:
The transfer is now complete.


Individuals with

  • SGD Savings/Current Account (Single or Joint-Or) or CreditAble Account AND
  • Mobile/Online Banking Access AND
  • Singapore NRIC or Mobile Number (Local and Foreign numbers)

To sign up or reset Mobile/Online Banking access

  • Click here to sign up or reset password