23 April 2019

Maybank Singapore is the first bank to launch FutureReady upskilling certified course in partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic

23 April 2019

  • New course is part of Maybank Group's S$10 million budget for employees' upskilling
  • Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore accredits proprietary curriculum

Maybank Singapore is the first bank to launch a certified course on future-ready skills, giving the bank a first-mover advantage in sharpening employees' capabilities to tackle new challenges in the future economy. The proprietary curriculum, Maybank FutureReady Certification Course, was developed in partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF).

This new course in Singapore is part of Maybank Group's S$10 million FutureReady digital upskilling programme for all employees.

The launch ceremony of Maybank FutureReady Certification Course was held on 22 April 2019 at Maybank Tower, where Dr. John Lee, Country CEO and CEO of Maybank Singapore, and Ms. Jeanne Liew, Principal and CEO of NYP, signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Speaking at the event, Dr. John Lee said, "In today's fast-changing digitalised environment, technological advancements will inevitably impact the employability of individuals. By introducing this customised 10-day Maybank FutureReady Certification Course, we support the upskilling of our employees in practical and strategic ways. We provide them time off work to immerse themselves in a classroom setting to pick up new skills in using data to help in decision making, human-centred design, cybersecurity and agile methodologies."

Dr. John Lee added, "The creation of this course is not only aligned with Singapore's Smart Nation movement within the banking industry, but also empowers employees to take ownership of their learning and growth, and instils in them the spirit of lifelong learning, particularly for employees aged above 40. Apart from learning future-ready skills, we encourage employees to experiment with new skills and innovate at work. Employees who are at the forefront of digital transformation may look to switch or expand their roles within Maybank through this programme and by leveraging the Professional Conversion Programme."

The course will be held at NYP where its lecturers will deliver the curriculum. More than 300 Maybank Singapore employees will complete the course in batches over the next two years, constituting over 15% of its workforce.

Ms. Jeanne Liew, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Nanyang Polytechnic, shared, "We are happy to lend our expertise to develop this series of first-of-its-kind courses for Maybank Singapore's employees. The courses will be in key areas such as data analytics, design thinking and cybersecurity, contextualised for the financial services sector. The financial services sector is undergoing unprecedented changes due to shift in demographic preferences, mass adoption of smart phones and availability of big data. Coupled with the rise of the experience economy, competition and ever pressing cyber risks, the need to stay current is now more urgent than ever. We believe these courses will help prepare the employees of Maybank Singapore for these challenges."

Witnessing the MOU signing was Mr. Ng Nam Sin, CEO of IBF, who also gave a speech on the impact of automation and digital technology on financial services jobs, emphasising the importance of future-oriented skills. He said, "Maybank has adopted IBF's six-pillar Future-enabled learning framework and turned them into a comprehensive curriculum. IBF is pleased to certify the Maybank FutureReady Certification Course. Automation and digital technology will rapidly transform the way we do our work, so it is important that finance professionals acquire the necessary skills early to prepare for these changes."

The first intake of Maybank employees began their lessons in late March, and will take weekly lessons over 10 weeks to complete the course, receiving certification for their newly-honed skills in end May.

Since 2018, Maybank has embarked on its FutureReady upskilling programme across the group, introducing a blended learning approach including e-learning, mobile learning, and face-to-face contact training through certification programmes.