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Reinstatement of Suspended Accounts

Reinstatement of Suspended Accounts

You can request for reinstatement of your suspended unsecured credit facilities e.g. Maybank Credit Card and/or Maybank CreditAble, if they have been suspended due to the following reasons:

  • Your total interest-bearing outstanding balances1 on all credit cards and credit lines with all banks in Singapore exceed the industry-wide borrowing limit2 for 3 consecutive months; or
  • At least one of your credit cards or credit line is 60 days or more past due.

1 These include amounts rolled over on credit cards and balances outstanding on unsecured loans that accrue interest. Such balances do not include amounts charged to credit cards that are fully repaid by their due dates.

2 The borrowing limit is 12 times of your monthly income.


To facilitate the reinstatement of your unsecured credit facilities, submission of updated income documents is required.

The uplifting of suspension is subject to the banks’ credit assessment.