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Key Info

You can now pay for your purchases with Maybank Credit Card via an instalment plan, even at shops that do not accept credit cards.


Get financial flexibility by spreading your payments over 6, 12 or 24 months with a minimum purchase of S$300 in a single charge slip.

Fees & Charges


Processing Fee

6 months

3% processing fee (EIR: 10.43% p.a.)

12 months

     5% processing fee (EIR: 9.50%)

24 months

     6% processing fee (EIR: 5.98%)


Your Purchases 
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Family Tour Package

Designer Bag

Insurance Premium

Instalment Period

6 months

12 months

24 months

Monthly Instalment Amount




Processing Fee (Based on transaction amount)

3% (S$150)

5% (S$180)

6% (S$270)

Effective Interest Rates (EIR)

10.43% p.a.

9.50% p.a.

5.98% p.a.

Who Can Apply

All Maybank Principal Credit Cardmembers

How to apply

Shops that accept Maybank Credit Card

  • Charge your purchase(s) to Maybank Credit Card.
  • Wait to receive your credit card statement which reflects the purchase(s) which you want to pay using FlexiPay.
  • Download the FlexiPay Application Form (PDF).
  • Complete the form and fax it to 6483 4137 within 10 days from the credit card statement date.


 Shops that do not accept Credit Card Payment:

  • Download the FlexiPay Application Form (PDF).
  • Complete the form including the relevant invoice no and the merchant details.
  • Submit the completed form together with a copy of the invoice/quotation using the enclosed Business Reply Service or fax it to 6483 4137.
  • Maybank will issue a Cashier Order payable to the merchant based on the details submitted.