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Cards Security

Your security is our priority. Maybank is committed to providing our customers with greater security on their Maybank Credit Cards, Debit Cards and registered Prepaid Cards.

SMS Transaction Alerts

Protect against unauthorised transactions on your Card. Be informed via SMS when transactions equivalent to and above the default amount¹, or your preferred limit, are charged to your card. Only available for Singapore-registered mobile numbers only.

Find out more on SMS Transaction Alerts FAQs.

¹The default amount for various Card types is as follows:

Credit CardseVibesDebit Cards
S$500 per local transaction or equivalent amount per overseas transaction S$100 per local transaction or equivalent amount per overseas transaction S$50 per local transaction or equivalent amount per overseas transaction

SMS Alerts service is only applicable to Maybank Credit and/or Debit Cardmembers.

Read our Terms & Conditions for SMS Alerts on card transactions

One-time Authorisation Code for Online Purchases (Credit, Debit and registered Prepaid Cards)

Shop online without worrying about compromising your Card. Authenticate your online purchases at participating online 3-D Secure Merchants²  by entering a One-Time Authorisation Code (sent to your mobile number). The Authorisation Code is required from the respective Principal/Main Cardmember, Supplementary/Joint Applicant Cardmember (where applicable) or registered Prepaid Cardmember making the online purchase. Please note that One-Time Authorisation code is also commonly known as One-Time Password (OTP).

Find out more on Authorisation Code FAQs.

²3-D Secure (3DS) protocol is used by banks worldwide to authenticate online card transactions. You will recognise the participating online 3DS merchants by the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode logos. When making your purchases online, 3DS would prompt the Cardmember to enter an OTP or Authorisation Code to authenticate the transaction. If the Authorisation Code is correct, the purchase transaction will be processed and completed.

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