Product Risk Rating

Maybank's investment products are risk rated under a 5-point scale ranging from 1 (representing the lowest risk) to 5 (representing the highest risk).

Unit Trusts (UT)


Product NamePrevious Risk RatingCurrent Risk Rating
Abrdn Global Technology Fund 4 5
Allianz Europe Equity Growth Fund 4 5
Allianz Europe Equity Growth Select Fund 4 5
Allianz Income And Growth Fund 3 4
BGF - Dynamic High Income Fund 3 4
BSF - Global Real Asset Securities Fund 3 4
Eastspring Inv - Asian Low Volatility Equity Fund 3 4
Eastspring Investments - Philippines Equity Fund 4 5
Fidelity Funds - China Focus Fund 4 5
Fidelity Funds - Global Inflation Linked Bond Fund 2 3
First Sentier Bridge Fund 3 4
FSSA Regional China Fund 4 5
FTIF - Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund 4 5
FTIF - Templeton China Fund 4 5
FTIF - Templeton Emerging Markets Fund 4 5
FTIF - Templeton Global Balanced Fund 3 4
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Technology Leaders Fund 4 5
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equity Fund 4 5
Lionglobal China Growth Fund 4 5
Lionglobal Korea Fund 4 5
Lionglobal Sgd Enhanced Liquidity Fund 1 2
Maybank Focus - Maybank Asian Growth And Income Fund 3 4
Maybank Focus - Maybank Asian Growth And Income-i Fund 3 4
Maybank Focus - Maybank Enhanced Income Fund 2 3
Pinebridge Investments - Acorns Of Asia Balanced Fund 3 4
Schroder Asian Growth Fund 4 5

Schroder Asian Income Fund

3 4
UBS (LUX) Equity Fund - China Opportunity Fund 4 5
UBS (LUX) Key Selection Sicav - China Allocation Opportunity Fund 3 4



This document is for information purposes only. It merely expresses the views and opinions held by Maybank based on its own internal risk methodology and such view therein, are subject to change without notice. Maybank is not obliged to reveal or detail its internal risk methodology.

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Further, this document should not be viewed as identifying or suggesting all risks, direct or indirect, that may be associated with any investment decision and you should therefore not rely solely on this document when making your investment decision. This document does not take into account your individual/particular needs, specific investment objectives, financial situation or risk tolerance level and you should read the relevant offering documents obtained from Maybank Branches in respect of each product and/or consult an independent financial (licensed/exempt), audit, tax or legal adviser, as necessary, before dealing, transacting and/or investing in any products mentioned in this document. All investment will be made solely upon and in reliance on your own judgment and discretion, notwithstanding any opinions, commentary or recommendation this document may provide.

You should note that income from such products, if any, may fluctuate and that each product's price or value may rise or fall. Accordingly, you may receive back less than what you have originally invested or you may also not receive back anything at all from what you have originally invested. All investments involve an element of risk, including capital and principal loss. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to or an indication of future performance.

The information contained in this document has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but such sources have not been independently verified by Maybank Singapore Limited and/or its affiliates and related corporations (collectively, "Maybank") and consequently no representation is made as to the accuracy or completeness of this document by Maybank and it should not be relied upon as such. Accordingly, no liability can be accepted for any direct, indirect or consequential losses or damages that may arise from the use or reliance of this document.

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