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Maybank Singapore Dollar Term Deposit-i #ForYou


Term Deposit-i Promotions

Enjoy attractive profit rate of up to 2.60% p.a. with our SGD Term Deposit-i.

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Terms and Conditions apply.


  • Competitive profit rates, with profits given upfront instead of upon maturity.
  • Choice of 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 24, or 36-month tenure or Odd Days Term Deposit-i.
  • Access to overdraft facilities secured against your deposit.
  • Customers 55-years-old and above enjoy 0.10% above prevailing profit rates¹, with a choice of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36-months tenure.

¹The following minimum deposits apply:

  • S$50,000 for 6 and 9 months tenure
  • S$25,000 for tenures from 12 months and above



  • Age: 16 and above.



  • S$1,000 for tenures from 2 to 36 months
  • S$10,000 for 1-month tenure and Odd Days Term Deposit-i with flexible tenure


Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents

  • NRIC


  • Passport
  • Employment Pass
  • Proof of mailing address i.e. utilities bill or bank statement with residential address, where the name must be the same as your Passport and Employment Pass

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees and Charges
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Important Information



  • Premature withdrawal within 3 months from placement date - Upfront profit paid will be clawed back in full from principal amount.
  • Premature withdrawal after 3 months from placement date – Upfront profit paid will be partially clawed back from principal amount. The profit due to customer is half of the pro-rated profit based on the number of days the Term Deposit is placed.