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Guard Against Skimmers

With increasing cases of Singapore Credit Card holders hit by fraudulent charges made on their Credit Cards, it’s crucial to know how to safeguard yourself from card skimmers.

What is Skimming?

It is a process where the Cardmember’s details and the data on the card’s magnetic strip are copied and transferred onto the magnetic stripe of a counterfeit card. The cloned card is then used to make payments, which are charged to the Cardmember, who may not be aware of these fraudulent charges until they receive their credit card statement.

How to safeguard yourself against skimming?

  • Never lose sight of your Credit Card; ensure all transactions are conducted within your sight.
  • Do not allow anyone to swipe your Card through any gadget in the name of surveys or product trials.
  • Check for any unauthorised charges every time you receive your Credit Card statement.
  • Report any unusual charges to your Card to the issuing bank immediately

Other useful information

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