Security and Privacy

'Let's Lay Off Scammers' Campaign

Scamming is serious business - a business that shouldn’t exist. It’s time we all take a stand against scammers and put them out of business for good!

Maybank ‘Let’s Lay Off Scammers’ – Elevator


Maybank ‘Let’s Lay Off Scammers’ – Impersonation Department


Maybank ‘Let’s Lay Off Scammers’ – Call Centre

Learn how you can do your part to lay off scammers

Your banking details are private. We will never ask for them through calls, SMSes or emails.

We never send emails or SMSes with clickable links. If you have received one, it’s likely a scam.

Suspect you’ve been scammed? Activate the “kill switch” to suspend digital banking access right away. Call 1800-629 2265 and press *1.

Mysterious love interest whom you’ve never met asking for a favour? This sweet-talker might be a scammer.

Flash deals can be hiding flash crimes. Protect yourself by transacting only within the platform, through secure payment methods.

Friend or foe? Always verify requests for personal information or money from a friend by contacting them through other channels.

Look for tell-tale signs. Grammar errors and hidden identities are clear signs that you’re not speaking to an official authority.

Stay up to date. Keep up with evolving scam tactics by regularly visiting

Do not download applications from third-party websites. Stick to official app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Filter out the noise. Block scam messages and calls by downloading the official ScamShield app on your devices.