Zakat Donation Payments Via PayNow

Easy and convenient way to fulfil your obligations and contribute to the society

Payment of Zakat

You can now fulfil your Zakat using PayNow to make payment to MUIS.

Follow the instructions on the MUIS website.

Download/open your Maybank2u SG app to make payment via PayNow easily.

MUIS website


Follow the steps below:

On the MUIS website,

Step 1:
During Checkout, select PayNow as your payment mode.


Step 2:
Follow the steps to generate a PayNow QR code to make payment.

On your Maybank2u app,

Step 3:
Select “Scan&Pay”


Step 4:
“Scan QR” or
Take a screenshot and “Upload QR”.


Step 5:
Check that the UEN number is correct before confirming your payment


Step 6:
Transaction is Completed


Please visit to request for official receipt and IRAS tax auto-inclusion.

Donations to Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation Ltd

You can now donate easily through PayNow by keying in the UEN 200910530Z.

Step 1:
Select “PayNow" on your  Maybank2u SG app.

Step 2:
Log in with either biometrics or enter Username and Password.

Step 3:
Select UEN for PayNow ID type.

Step 4:
In the PayNow ID field, enter 200910530Z

Step 5:
Enter the amount* and verify that 'Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation Ltd' is populated.

In the “Remarks” field, enter your mobile number (e.g. 8765 3725), and review the payment details.

*Donations above S$1,000 require security token for transaction signing purpose.

Transaction is completed. Please take a screenshot of this transaction.

You may now choose to logout or scan and pay again.

For tax deduction:
E-mail your name, NRIC and copy/screenshot of the transfer to

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