24 April 2020

Maybank Islamic Contributes S$10,000 of Food Aid in Conjunction With Ramadhan

Singapore - In conjunction with the Ramadhan period, Maybank Islamic is partnering with Islamic Relief Malaysia and Samrah Club Singapore to send grocery shopping vouchers worth a total of S$10,000 to 80 low-income families.

This is part of the group-wide Regional Ramadhan Relief (RRR) programme. RRR is Maybank Group Islamic Banking’s flagship corporate responsibility programme using Zakat funds (Alms tax) which aims at distributing food supplies to the underprivileged for the fasting month. Maybank Singapore has been rolling out RRR since 2017 where the bank has distributed food vouchers to more than 1,000 families in Singapore which require financial assistance over the years.

This year, instead of meeting the beneficiaries in person, Islamic Relief Malaysia and Samrah Club Singapore will mail out the vouchers to the beneficiaries between April 26 and May 7. The 80 families comprise low-income residents mainly from the eastern and central parts of Singapore who are currently registered with Masjid Wak Tanjong and Samrah Club. Samrah Club is a non-profit organisation focussing on family and community development programmes, and has been working together with MUIS, mosques and other Malay/Muslim Organisations to distribute Zakat funds and donations to the needy. 

Norzulkarnien bin Nor Mohamad, Head of Islamic Banking at Maybank Singapore said: “As part of Maybank Islamic’s initiative to uphold the principles of Shariah, we have a few corporate responsibility programmes launched during this critical Covid-19 period as well as the fasting month. One of which is the Regional Ramadhan Relief programme. Since there are segments of the community facing a decline in their incomes during the circuit breaker period, we hope that the food aid will ease the burden of the community in need to a certain extent. Maybank has been operating in Singapore for 60 years and reaffirms our commitment to serve our customers with a wide range of Shariah-compliant banking facilities.”

In 2020, Maybank Islamic has allocated funds of RM2.9 million (S$1 million) in total to help over 15,000 underprivileged families in 10 ASEAN countries under the RRR programme. Since 2013, this Maybank Islamic’s flagship community programme has allocated a total of close to RM13 million (S$4.3 million) to benefit over 90,000 families, including single mothers, people with disabilities, orphans, fishermen, farmers and disadvantaged groups.