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Maybank Green Loans

We know that you care for our planet as much as we do and applaud your decision to buy a Green Mark certified home. In support of your greener choice, we would like to reward you when you take up a Maybank Home Loan.

Here are some green habits you can adopt to save the earth and your money.

Maybank Green Home Loan

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark certification scheme is an initiative to promote sustainable design and best practices in construction and operations in buildings. This scheme evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performance through a comprehensive framework that assesses the overall environmental performance of both new and existing buildings in areas such as energy efficiency. The directory of Green Mark certified buildings can be found on Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) Smart Hub:

A Green Mark home provides benefits such as it reduces the usage of energy, water and material resources, enhances environmental protection and has better indoor environmental quality, leading to better health and well-being.

What are the rewards?

Receive S$200 worth of eCapitaVouchers if your residential property has attained one of the following valid BCA Green Mark Award for certification year from 2021 and onwards:

  • Platinum Positive Energy
  • Platinum Zero Energy
  • Platinum Super Low Energy
  • Gold Positive Energy
  • GoldPLUS Zero Energy
  • GoldPLUS Super Low Energy
  • Platinum
  • GoldPLUS

*Campaign period is valid till 30 June 2024. The loan must be applied for, approved and accepted within the Campaign period. Please read the Maybank Green Home Loan Campaign Terms and Conditions.

How do I qualify for the Green Home Loan rewards?

3 easy steps to qualify for a Maybank Green Home Loan:

Step 1: Check against the Green Mark Buildings Directory on the SLEB Smart Hub to confirm that your residential property has attained a valid Green Mark Award (as defined in Clause 2(ii) of the Terms and Conditions).

Step 2: If your residential property is awarded a valid Green Mark Award, register your interest for a Maybank Green Home Loan using this form to receive a promotional code via email.

Step 3: Apply for a Home Loan online securely and with ease using your Singpass via the Maybank Home Loan online application. Enter the promotional code you received in your email when applying for a Maybank Home Loan online.

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