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Debit Card

Maybank Platinum Debit Card

The one card for all your shopping, commuting and cash withdrawal needs.


Earn accelerated TREATS Points on your Mastercard transactions with 3X TREATS Points for every S$5 spent in Malaysian Ringgit
Earn 1X TREATS Points on your Mastercard transactions for every S$5 spent in Singapore Dollar and other foreign currencies


Shopping and Commuting

  • Make PIN/signature-based or contactless purchases at any Mastercard establishments worldwide
  • Simply tap your card to pay for your public train and bus rides with Mastercard contactless
  • Shop online confidently at participating 3-D Secure Merchants that requires the input of One-Time Authorisation Code (sent to your mobile phone) or the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Security Token
  • Transact securely on your NETS purchases using PIN only at any of the participating merchants’ outlets. The amount spent will be directly debited from your primary Maybank Current or Savings account.


Cash Withdrawal Locally and Globally

  • Cash withdrawal without any service fee from ATMs in Singapore via the atm5 - Shared ATM Network.
  • Cash withdrawal at no service fee in local currencies from Maybank ATMs in Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  • Cash withdrawal in local currencies at ATMs under the Cirrus global network at S$5 per overseas transaction.

Other Benefits

  • Enjoy year-long TREATS privileges.
  • Redeem TREATS Points for attractive privileges such as frequent flyer miles, dining, shopping and spa treatments.

Payment Wallets

Accepted almost everywhere in Singapore, Apple Pay is a safe, contactless, easy way to pay. Add your Maybank card today and use it at your favourite shops, restaurants, and more.

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Mobile payment with Samsung Pay works at almost any retailer in Singapore, making shopping or dining easier and more convenient than ever before.

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Features at a Glance

(PIN required)
Better Security with EMV Chip

Retail Spending Limits and Retail Purchase Function

Your Maybank Platinum Debit Card comes with a default Daily and Monthly Retail Spending Limit of S$1,000 and S$3,000 respectively.

Please visit any local Maybank ATMs if you wish to change your Retail Spending Limits, or to deactivate the retail purchase function on your Maybank Debit Card.

To change your Daily and Monthly Spending Limits and/or deactivate your retail purchase function:

Step 1: Proceed to any Maybank Singapore ATM

Step 2: Insert your Maybank Debit Card

Step 3: Key in your 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Step 4: Select “More Services” from the main menu

Step 5: Select the option “Change Debit Card Retail Spending Limits”

Step 6: Select your preferred Daily Spending Limit. To deactivate retail purchase function, select “DO NOT activate Card for above services”

Step 7: Select your preferred Monthly Spending Limit

Step 8: Confirm the Daily and Monthly Spending Limits to be applied on your Debit Card


Note: Only Mastercard retail and contactless purchase function will be disabled upon deactivation of retail purchase function.


  • Age: 16 and above
  • Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, or Foreigners with valid Employment Pass or Work Permit
  • Must hold a Maybank Savings Account or Current Account. If you have a Maybank account but do not own a Maybank Platinum Debit Card, apply for one today at any of our Branches in Singapore.